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Get Ready for the Ultimate Puzzle Adventure

oneNova is a trilogy of mobile puzzle and AR games that takes players on the action-packed journey of Nova and the EleMentals: a lovable team birthed by the Big Bang and tasked with the responsibility of creating the ideal conditions on Earth for life to emerge, evolve, and awaken to its full potential.


Welcome to Wisdom through Play

  • Tempest

    This Ain’t No Match-3

    Finally! A new kind of puzzle game players of all ages can enjoy.

  • Terra

    Discover the Journey of Planet Earth

    The story of Earth has never been so much fun.

  • Nova

    Wisdom through Play

    oneNova is designed to support the development of a broader and deeper sense of how the human experience is an extension of the natural world and an expression of evolution.

  • Triton

    Unlock New Powers

    Evolve and equip your team with new disasters and customizations.

  • Pele

    Compete with Friends

    Go head-to-head in a fast-paced battle unlike anything you’ve played before.


Creating Possibilities

Shifting the Gaming Landscape:

We intend to prove that educational titles can engage a global audience just as effectively as traditional titles through innovative gameplay, creative learning incentives, and impact-driven partnerships.


Who We Are

Awairness, Inc.

Awairness is a design studio creating games, apps, and services intended to excite users, impact communities, and inspire change.

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oneNova Characters

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